Terms and Conditions

Quotations offered valid until the “Valid To” date and subject to the nForceIT Standard Terms and Conditions (available at www.nforceit.com.au/terms-and-conditions). Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice. Projects are subject to monthly progress claims.

Unless specified in the scope of works, the following items have not been allowed for in this quotation:

  1. Electrical Works; or upgrading of electrical distribution boards to support the new works.
  2. Power or antenna poles, skirting or surface duct.
  3. Concrete coring, chasing of cabling or penetrations.
  4. Removal protection or relocation of furniture.
  5. Patch or fly leads.
  6. Communication cabinets and patch panels.
  7. Freight or delivery charges.
  8. Cost of any Electrical Inspection fees or other costs for these works which may be charged by State/Territory Authorities.
  9. Special safety equipment or services.


  1. All work to be performed during normal business hours. No allowance has been made for out of hours works unless stated in the scope of works.
  2. Normal hours of work are defined as between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday, with the exception of Public Holidays.
  3. Penalty rates apply to works performed after hours, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
  4. All work to be performed on an uninterruptible smooth flow of works. No allowance has been made for lost time caused by rescheduling of works, or additional site visits where access to areas is denied, or at the request of the client.
  5. Security arrangements and access for nForceIT at the Customer’s location is the responsibility of the Customer.


  1. All electrical work performed will comply with the Australian Standard AS3000.
  2. All cabling work will be installed to the manufacturer’s specification and will comply with the current Australian Standards AS3080 and ACIFS 009.