Boost Productivity with GoTo’s Latest Tech Innovations – October Updates

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Boost Productivity with GoTo’s Latest Tech Innovations – October Updates

GoTo Connect introduce the latest tech innovations in our October edition of “Greatest & Latest.” Serving up the freshest product updates and new releases from the GoTo Gourmet, all designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Remote Management & Support: In GoTo Resolve, we’ve streamlined IT Asset Management, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and manage the lifecycle of every device in your hardware inventory. This comprehensive solution covers everything from PCs to printers, making asset management a breeze.

Introducing Helpline: Our new Helpline feature lets users request instant support sessions with agents directly from the customer portal. While waiting, our AI-driven troubleshooting system provides valuable tips and guidance.

Partnering with Logitech: GoTo Resolve’s collaboration with Logitech simplifies remote access for CollabOS devices, including Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and RoomMate. Say goodbye to the complexities of hardware configuration and troubleshooting.

Personalized Service Email: Administrators can now set up personalized service email addresses that are not only functional but also easy to remember. This feature enhances the user experience and provides a memorable touch.

Software Patch Management: GoTo Resolve ensures that all applications on managed devices remain up to date by facilitating the remote deployment of the latest software patches. This proactive approach keeps your systems secure and current.

Session VoIP: The addition of session VoIP enables agents to engage in real-time conversations with end-users directly from the GoTo Resolve console, enhancing communication and issue resolution.

All-New Dashboard Experience: GoTo Resolve introduces an all-new dashboard experience, consolidating key device metrics and helpdesk insights in a single location. Stay updated and informed without missing crucial updates.

LogMeIn Rescue Integration: The integration of LogMeIn Rescue with Intel E.M.A allows seamless out-of-band support for vPro enabled devices through a unified interface.

Linux Support and More: In response to popular demand, we’ve expanded our support for Linux and other operating systems. Additionally, you can now remotely view and control Android apps on Chromebooks.

Customer Communication: AI Chat Analysis in GoTo Contact Center offers sentiment ratings and chat summaries for every interaction, providing valuable insights into customer satisfaction.

Agent Softphone and SMS: The Agent Softphone empowers users to access essential customer information during calls, improving efficiency and customer service. SMS messaging options streamline follow-up interactions.

Customer Group Organization: You can now organize your customers into groups, simplifying communication and management. Think of it as a digital scarecrow for your contact lists, keeping them tidy.

GoTo Customer Engagement: Enhanced visibility within your Shared Inbox offers better insights into your team’s activities, promoting efficient collaboration.

GoTo Connect: “Dynamic Contact Matching” simplifies contact list management, providing an automatic spring cleaning experience. Customizable alerts keep you ahead of network issues, ensuring minimal downtime.

GoTo Meeting: Customize your session layouts with dynamic notifications, a streamlined control bar, and screen popouts for an optimal meeting experience. Unleash your creativity in every meeting and make it a masterpiece.

Remote Control: Meeting participants can now request control over the keyboard and mouse, enhancing collaboration and making “Show and Tell” sessions more engaging.

Don’t miss out on these incredible updates from GoTo! Get ready to elevate your productivity and efficiency in October.

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