Plerion Comprehensive Cloud Protection Platform: Secure Your Cloud Environment

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Plerion Comprehensive Cloud Protection Platform: Secure Your Cloud Environment

In today’s digital landscape, securing your cloud environment is paramount. With the rise of cyber threats, businesses need robust solutions to safeguard their data and infrastructure. Plerion offers a comprehensive cloud protection platform that empowers customers to do more with less. By integrating identity management, CIEM information, configuration management, CSPM vulnerability management, and workload protection, Plerion delivers an unmatched level of security and visibility.

Plerion created an in-depth video that explains how Cloud Protection platform works and the benefits it offers. Watch the video below to learn more:


Key Features of Plerion’s Cloud Protection Platform

1. EC2 Instance Classification and Vulnerability Assessment

Plerion classifies EC2 instances based on network location and identifies vulnerabilities. This proactive approach ensures that your cloud assets are constantly monitored and secured against potential threats.

2. Mapping Vulnerabilities to Exploit Code

Our platform maps discovered vulnerabilities to existing exploit code. This allows you to understand the real-world implications of vulnerabilities and take immediate action to mitigate risks.

3. Identity Configuration Analysis

Plerion analyzes identity configurations for virtual machines. By understanding the permissions and policies associated with instance profiles, you can ensure that your cloud environment adheres to best security practices.

4. Evaluating S3 Bucket Security

Legacy CSPM approaches often provide a false sense of security. Plerion goes beyond best practices by evaluating who or what can access your S3 buckets and the real risk associated with these access paths.

5. Detailed Attack Path Discovery

Our platform identifies attack paths for EC2 instances and Lambda functions. This feature provides a detailed view of each attack path, allowing you to take a proactive approach to securing your cloud environment.

6. Comprehensive Asset View

Plerion offers an asset view that provides a detailed summary of permissions, vulnerabilities, exploit code, and contextual asset risk scores. This holistic view helps you make informed decisions about your cloud security strategy.

7. Filtering and Integration

Plerion allows you to filter attack paths based on detection filters, integrations, or specific resource types. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor the platform to meet your unique security needs.


Plerion’s cloud protection platform is designed to provide comprehensive security and visibility for your cloud environment. By combining multiple security domains, Plerion offers a robust solution that helps you stay ahead of cyber threats.

For more information about Plerion and how it can enhance your cloud security, contact us at 03 8828 7604 or Schedule your free consultation.

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