PRE-PLAN: One Month Before Launch

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PRE-PLAN: One Month Before Launch

As Cybersecurity Awareness Month approaches, it’s crucial to prepare for a successful campaign. Ensure you’re ready for the road ahead with our suggested pre-plan.


  1. Download the Campaign Guide: Start by downloading the Campaign Guide to familiarize yourself with the resources and communications available for your campaign.

  2. Resource and Communication Review: Review the suggested resources and communications to determine which elements best suit your campaign goals. Customize art files as needed.

  3. Content Delivery Methods: Identify how you’ll deliver content and communications to your audience. This step is vital for planning effective outreach.

  4. Share Your Plan: Share your campaign plan with key stakeholders and decision-makers. Seek their input and support to ensure a top-down and cross-functional approach.

  5. Key Dates Identification: Establish your campaign timeline, including the launch date, end date, and any key milestone dates in between.

  6. Create an Internal Chat: If you haven’t already, set up an internal chat channel dedicated to cybersecurity awareness and training programs. This channel will serve as a quick, convenient way to communicate program updates and milestones.

  7. Set Up Media Channels: Centralize user-facing learning resources on an internal wiki or platform. This simplifies content distribution and provides employees with a single, organized hub for their assigned activities.

The Road Ahead:

Embark on the “Web Browsing Road Trip” theme for Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October. While the online world offers safe travels, beware of cyber attackers lurking on the digital highways. Cybercriminals can host a digital presence just like anyone else. Together, we’ll guide you on how to navigate online spaces safely and make smart decisions about your browsing and social connections.

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