WEEK 1: Security Basics – Cloud and Internet

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WEEK 1: Security Basics – Cloud and Internet

In Week 1, your cybersecurity awareness program kicks off as we delve into the fundamentals of secure web browsing. Get ready to empower your team with essential knowledge.


  • Launch Email: Send a kickoff email or internal chat message to introduce Week 1’s theme.

    • Subject Line: Let’s Begin the Journey!

    • Message: Welcome to the start of our Cybersecurity Awareness Month journey. Our first stop is a crucial one: “Security Basics – Cloud and Internet.” Technical safeguards are vital, but so is our individual responsibility in using online resources safely.

    • Access the Video: Watch the “Security Basics: Cloud and Internet Security” animated video at your earliest convenience. This video is the foundation for the rest of the materials we’ll explore this week.


  • Virtual Backgrounds: Enhance your kickoff meeting by using one of our provided virtual backgrounds to set the “Web Browsing Road Trip” theme. Set the stage for the adventure that lies ahead.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey toward a safer online experience. Expect weekly emails guiding you through the “Web Browsing Road Trip” materials.

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