WEEK 2: Safer Browsing in 5 Simple Steps

nforceit blog empower your team with the 2023 cybersecurity awareness kit

Empower Your Team with the 2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Kit

In Week 2, we’re moving forward in our Cybersecurity Awareness Month journey. Let’s encourage participation and empower your team with essential insights on safer online browsing.


  • Launch Email: Send an email or internal chat message to engage your team with Week 2’s theme.

    • Subject Line: Have you reached your first destination?

    • Message: By now, you should have watched last week’s “Security Basics: Cloud and Internet Security” awareness video. (If you haven’t, please make sure to do so today.)

    • This Week’s Focus: In Week 2, we explore “Safer Browsing in 5 Simple Steps.” Learn how to detect online scams by recognizing common tricks, such as offers of free content and prompts to run or download software.


Continue your journey through Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and together, we’ll become savvy cyber travelers.

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