WEEK 3: Web Browsing: A Security Roadmap

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WEEK 3: Web Browsing: A Security Roadmap

In Week 3, we’re halfway through our Cybersecurity Awareness Month journey. It’s time to celebrate your participation and empower your team with more valuable insights.


  • Launch Email: Send an email or internal chat message to mark the halfway point and guide your team through Week 3.

    • Subject Line: We’re halfway there

    • Message: Congratulations to all those who have been actively participating in our Web Browsing Road Trip! Your commitment to cybersecurity awareness is commendable.

    • This Week’s Focus: Week 3 brings you “Web Browsing: A Security Roadmap,” an animated video module. This training will reinforce best practices for safer web browsing and help you understand how your actions can influence online safety.

    • Bonus Content: Additionally, we have an informative video in our “60 Seconds to Better Security” series: “AI Chatbot Threats.” Learn about the risks associated with AI chatbots and why it’s crucial to protect your data while interacting with them.


Continue your journey and explore the road to safer web browsing. Together, we’ll navigate the online world with confidence.

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