WEEK 4: The Roadmap to Safety: Cybersecurity Awareness

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WEEK 4: The Roadmap to Safety

As we reach Week 4, it’s time to conclude our Cybersecurity Awareness Month program with a deeper dive into the roadmap for online safety. This week, we’ll send out communications to remind everyone to complete all the activities and extend an invitation to participate in our virtual wrap-up meeting.

During the wrap-up meeting, feel free to use one of our themed virtual backgrounds. If possible, we encourage open discussions on key topics such as:

  1. What participants enjoyed or found less engaging about the campaign.
  2. Insights gained during the program that were previously unknown.
  3. Areas of interest for further learning or discussion.

Suggested Plan:

Send Email 4

Subject line: “Arrived at Destination: Join the Wrap-Up!”

We hope you’ve been making the most of the resources shared during our “Web Browsing Road Trip” over the past few weeks. To wrap things up, we’ve added “The Roadmap to Safety” infographic to our internal wiki [insert link].

We’d also like to invite you to our virtual wrap-up meeting, where we’ll celebrate the success stories related to this campaign, acknowledge our participants, and hear your thoughts and feedback.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [insert email address].

Use this awareness content:

The Roadmap to Safety infographic.

nforceit blog week 4 the roadmap to safety

Want to make an even greater impact?

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month Kit is part of a more extensive Web Browsing Road Trip Campaign, exclusively available to Proofpoint customers. The full campaign builds upon the content in this kit, providing you with a comprehensive month of communication tools and awareness content designed to encourage active participation. Proofpoint customers have access to a range of valuable resources, including:

  • A campaign guide that expands on this document’s plan.
  • Additional modules that dive deeper into various aspects of cybersecurity.
  • Postcards designed to encourage participation.
  • An activity tracker that helps users record their progress.
  • Badges that can be sent to users as recognition of their engagement.
  • Incentive items that reward participation.
  • Shareable content to serve as reminders throughout the campaign.

Contact us for a demo and more details.

Your feedback and engagement have been invaluable throughout this journey, and we look forward to more exciting initiatives in the future.

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