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GoTo Connect

Unified Communication and Collaboration

GoTo Connect is a leading provider of unified communication and collaboration solutions that empower businesses to connect and collaborate seamlessly. nForceIT collaborates with GoTo Connect to offer a suite of communication tools that enhance our clients’ digital communication and collaboration experiences.

Key features and offerings from GoTo Connect include:

  1. VoIP Phone System: GoTo Connect offers a cloud-based VoIP phone system that provides clear, reliable, and cost-effective communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

  2. Video Conferencing: GoTo Connect’s video conferencing platform facilitates face-to-face communication and collaboration, enabling virtual meetings, screen sharing, and chat.

  3. Collaboration Tools: GoTo Connect offers collaboration tools, including messaging, file sharing, and project management, fostering teamwork and productivity.

  4. Contact Center Solutions: GoTo Connect provides contact center solutions to support customer interactions, with features like call routing, call recording, and analytics.

  5. Mobile Communication: GoTo Connect extends communication capabilities to mobile devices, allowing users to stay connected on the go.

  6. Integration with Productivity Apps: GoTo Connect integrates with popular productivity apps, allowing for seamless communication within familiar tools.

GoTo Connect’s commitment to unified communication and collaboration aligns with our mission to provide comprehensive IT solutions. We partner with GoTo Connect because of their reputation for delivering user-friendly and efficient communication solutions that empower businesses to stay connected and productive.

At nForceIT, we leverage GoTo Connect’s solutions to deliver unified and efficient communication and collaboration environments to our clients. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your phone system, enhance video conferencing capabilities, or streamline collaboration, our collaboration with GoTo Connect ensures you have the right communication tools at your disposal.

Ready to transform your communication and collaboration experiences with GoTo Connect? Contact us today for a personalized consultation, tailored communication strategies, and a journey towards seamless communication and collaboration.

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