About Zscaler

Zscaler is an American cloud-based InfoTech Security company headquartered in San Jose, California. The company has more than 100 data centers with customers in 185 countries.

Many vendors today offer cloud-based security.  Not all security clouds are equal. Zscaler Solutions are:

Born in the cloud:
Are purpose-built to deliver cloud and hybrid security as a service
SSL inspection at scale:
protects against threats hidden in encrypted traffic
Zero Trust Network access eliminates the risk of bringing remote users onto the network by providing named users on named devices access to named applications.
Operational excellence:
Run mission-critical security services that sit in the data path without the headaches of managing Security Appliances.

Happy Customers

Zscaler provides high-performance security:
• Offers an affordable alternative to replacing costly security appliances at every location
• Provides complete security: advanced threat protection, antivirus, sandboxing, and intrusion prevention systems
• Inspects SSL/TLS to secure against threats in encrypted traffic
• Improves mobile workforce productivity and vastly reduces the need to reimage infected endpoints
• Peers with Microsoft Office 365 to enable rapid access to applications
• Simplifies administration: centralized management console,
consolidated logins, one rule set for all users

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